Monday, August 09, 2010

Stop with the mortality this year.


First there was this bit of news at Blabbermouth about Phil Kennemore being diagnosed with cancer. I grew up with Y&T during their heyday and while not a huge fan I liked quite a few tracks and Phil was always there with the basslines. He seems pretty positive in the news article so hopefully cancer won't take him like it did Dio but he's also not saying what kind of cancer it is.


Then comes this news from the Behemoth camp.Now I'm not a fan at all of Behemoth because I hate the vocal style of Nergal with the guttural computer processed vocals. But I do acknowledge and respect Behemoth's contribution to metal. He's not saying it's leukemia or anything but it does sound grim.

What is it with this year and all of the health issues? It's like some higher power just decided this year it was going to punish these guys and the fans by laying some people low and just flat out taking others. This year can't end soon enough because at this rate are we even going to have any musicians left? Stop already fate. Here is to a quick and speedy recovery to both Phil and Nergal.

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Randy said...

Agreed, this is just too much death / illness.

I was going to post something about this on my blog, but I didn't even feel like it after writing about the passing of Dio, Paul Gray, Peter Steele, etc.

Hopefully both musicians will have a speedy recovery. I feel like Nergal is still young enough to be able to fight off whatever illness he is facing.