Friday, August 06, 2010

Sorting through the Unsigned and Unknown


The other day I revealed that I had set up a Myspace page for That Devil Music. The big reason for this was to get a bit more exposure for myself and the bands we talk about on here. Little did I know about how many unsigned and occasionally indie label bands were quick to spew out friend invites the minute you showed a slightest bit of interest in music. Now DemiGodRaven over at The Number of the Blog does an occasional piece called Judging a book by it's cover. You can read those pieces here.Now I'm not going to do anything that involved or critical but I will do a short bit on each band that pops up and give some input on why I do or do not like them. Who knows, if you like them you can friend them on your Myspace and get the word out. Since I've got 25 stacked up waiting on a yes or no let's get started with the first five for now after the jump.Click on their name to jump to their Myspace page.

Sinstorm :This band is from L.A. and they have a band logo and label themselves as metal/metal/metal. It's a professional looking page but for some reason now the music has been taken off the player. If I remember right the package looked good but the vocalist was not that great and their music was a form of thrash. I'm going to have to deny for now because I'm not going to put much effort in looking up their music if they can't have it in their player.

Militia : A band from Austin Texas.Austin used to have a decent metal scene if my memory serves and the band name smacks of traditional metal. They label themselves as metal/progressive/thrash. Nice combo but lets see how it sounds. Reading a bit of their bio and apparently these guys were around in the 80's, went defunct, and just recently reformed. Yeah their player has some old 80's style of thrash on it. the vocalist is the type of caricature from back then with the high pitched screams.It seems like a fun band. I'll add them just for the nostalgic feel I get off of their old recordings. Sometimes people deserve a second chance.

Almost is Nothing : Their logo is plastered across the whole page and they're apparently opening for Katatonia in September. Not much in the way of letting the viwer know where they're from or their bio. The music is a form of melodeath with progressive overtones. Encyclopedia Metallum lists them as being from Portland,Oregon.Oregon is starting to make a scene with Toxic Holocaust being from there as well. these guys have some chops though I don't know how original it is. But they're good enough to warrant some more face time. I'll add them.

Sinbreed : From Germany we have what appears to be a form of progressive power metal based on the names that are thrown around on their page. Very professional page though so let's see what the music is about. Oh and they have a video. And its very Symphony X like. I'm listening to the other songs and it's very power metalish. Helloween influence as well on vocals. Meh it's pretty good for what it is. I'll add them.

Your Tomorrow Alone: And Lastly for this edition we have this band from Italy. Prog/Gothic/Doom is their genres according to their page. Alot of name dropping influences in their bio. That usually tends to mean that they have no identity of their own but feed off of their favorite bands.Well lets see what we have anyways. The growling is not very good, kind of weak. I think they'd be better served just doing the clean vocals as the growls ruin the vibe. They only have 3 tracks on their player and its all very uneven. I think with more practice and a couple more years of gelling as a band since they've only been together less then a year they can be something good.But for now I'll have to pass.

So there we go, that wasn't too bad. Added 3 bands and denied 2. I'll do this again later until I have a manageable list of bands to get through.


Randy said...

This is a cool idea for the blog. Since I had a radio show for many years in high school and college, I got a ton of band's sending requests on MySpace.

Wish I would have dedicated a segment to checking out one band a show or something.

There were actually some really good bands sending me requests, but plenty of generic sounding ones as well.

Rob Liz said...

Thanks Randy. Yeah I'm still sitting on another 20 pending requests and so far it's been 50/50. Some of these guys just need a polish on their pages because their music is pretty good but others just need work on everything.