Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gates of Babylon: Prepare for an eargasm


What can I say; I'm in love. There's a quintet of beautiful women who's caught my eye (and ears) recently, but don't be deceived by their looks because these beauties can RAWK! Gates of Babylon (currently based out of Cleveland AND Detroit) formed in 2008 and features some incredible music and phenomenal talent. I find it a travesty that this band is still unsigned.

There has already been a buzz before being featured in Revolver Magazine's "Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock" along side The Pretty Reckless's Taylor Momson and We Are The Fallen's Carly Smithson, and now I'm sure their popularity is going to be out of control.

GoB features Jessi Carrick on Lead Vocals, Suzie Reagan pummels your ear holes with her Guitar and glutteral screams, Kristen Woutersz on Guitar, Sarah Stonebraker (that's an appropriate name) on Bass and Nikki Collins blasts your ass on Drums. In a world where the metal genre is male dominated and testosterone laden, Gates of Babylon is putting all the old cliches to rest and proving that they can put out good, hard music with the best of them and that they truly belong in this genre.

They're stepping out from where people think women belong (like playing keyboard or vocals) and taking command of metal like no other all female band has done. What The Donnas have done for Punk Rock, Gates of Babylon is going to do for metal. The riffs are just so fantastic, Nikki's got some mad skills with the double bass, Suzie's voice is so powerful you could easily think it's Mark Jensen (of Epica) or Dani Filth (of Cradle of Filth), Jessi has a sweet and alluring tone to her voice without sounding like a pop-queen and Kristen and Sarah's technicality rivals the best metal musicians out there.

To date they only have an EP out but from what I've read, they're working on their first full length album and it can't come soon enough. I'm really excited to see where they're going to go, if they go with the formula they currently have (which I absolutely love) or change it up a bit.

It seems like word is spreading about them in the metal community as well as it appears that they opened for Nevermore in their home town of Cleveland at Peabody's (on October 23rd) [though this was posted on one of their pages, I couldn't verify because the date's past]. I hope to see them getting closer to finishing their album and touring soon, I have a feeling they would put on a great show..

Regardless, please check them out and support these pioneers of all female metal. We really need something like this; not because it's new or different than what we're used to but because it's good fucking metal.

Here's a video they posted from one of their shows.

Here's a link to their Myspace!

Here's their Facebook!

You can buy their EP on Amazon or iTunes (search for their name).

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