Saturday, January 08, 2011

At the Movies with the Devil: Global Metal


While I try to stay current on metal releases I often times find myself missing out on another medium in terms of seeing documentaries as they come out. Case in point is Global Metal by Sam Dunn. Sam is the predominant documentarian for metal and it's easy to see with Metal:A Headbanger's Journey and Flight 666. This time Sam and Seth travel around the world to get an insight on how metal finds it way into other cultures and the challenges presented within that.

The countries represented are places like Japan, Iran, Israel, China,Indonesia, and Brazil. Distinctly absent is Africa but I'm assuming they only had time and budget to hit the countries they did visit. The film has the same overtones as the others where it shows kids, mostly in oppressive regions, relaying their emotions about the music and how it affects them in their daily lives. There are interviews with the big names like Lars Ulrich, Tom Araya, and Bruce Dickinson but for the most part its about the cultures,governments, and fans of heavy music. Most of the interviews are with regional bands and how they cope with integrating metal music into their lifestyle.

I highly recommend this film is you have not seen it yet. It's quite an eye opener to see the passion and struggles that people in other countries have over a form of music that we take for granted here in the States and other privileged countries. As someone with no religious beliefs it also reinforces my assessment that religion possibly is the greatest evil man puts on themselves. So much oppression and hatred is put on people in the name of a god that at times it's sickening. But yes, see this film if you get a chance and I eagerly await Sam Dunn's next project whatever it may be.Here is the trailer for Global Metal.

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