Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Four Announcement........

....is a big letdown. Yes you are reading that poster right. After an all day build yesterday up and excitement over what 8 a.m. would bring and after releasing snippets of information throughout the day, the Big Four is playing one godamn show in the U.S. In the fucking desert. Because your fucking prayers
demands were answered. Yes you Mr. car mechanic in Rhode Island. And you Mr. farmer in Missouri. And while I too live in California, it's still 800 fucking miles away from me so it might as well be in another state. Indio,California is in the Coachella Valley probably 40 miles southeast of Palm Springs. I guess I shouldn't complain to much though. I got the second most amount of traffic on the site ever thanks to people scouring the internets looking for news.
Tickets go on sale on the 28th of January. But cheer up people. I bet you'll get to watch the show on closed circuit screens in a arena near you. That should count for something right? Right?

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The Ranter said...

I'll just go re-watch the Married With Children epsiode with Anthrax!. No need for 1600 miles of driving to the more desolate part of the desert.