Friday, January 14, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Demonic Resurrection

This is one of the newer bands in my library. Though they've been around for over 10 years I didn't become aware of them until I was doing one of my searches for similar bands that I already like. Come to find out Demonic Resurrection were featured in Sam Dunn's Global Metal documentary. After finally seeing that movie for the first time the band indeed was featured but not too much on their music and more about being a metal band in India.

Needless to say I gave some of their tunes a listen and this is really a fantastic band especially for the region they're in. Imagine a bit of early Dimmu Borgir,your favorite melodeath band, with a dash of ethnic music mixed up. It makes for some interesting listening for sure. These guys know their music and have carved an identity of their own which apparently alot of people have caught on to because I believe Demonic Resurrection is now the biggest metal band to come out of India. Check out one of their videos and if you like it go pick up their latest album which released last year, 'The Return to Darkness' from Candlelight Records.

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