Friday, January 07, 2011

MiniVan Metal


Once upon a time.. Not so long ago..

My husband Rob Liz decided to start his own little blog site to discuss his love of metal. I'll be honest, half the bands he posts about I haven't heard of, and the others I've heard enough of their music to know it's not my thing. I come in as a child of the 80's. A hair metal fan. Yes, Bon Jovi is my favorite band. I'm not afraid to admit it. Maybe a little afraid, since I won't be using my real name here, but hearing the words "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame" will in fact make me crank the volume up in my minivan.

I finally got to see Bon Jovi during the Bounce tour in 2003 at Arco. I had seat so close that Jon sprayed me with his water bottle and I about died. I had turned into one of those screaming, singing, crying fans that we all make fun of, including myself, and I really didn't care. I knew that night I could die happy. I had seen my all time favorite band in concert and could focus on being a mom. Honestly, I didn't see another concert until 2010 when Rob won tickets to see Dream Theater and Iron Maiden.

So my focus here will be on the children of the 80's. The time before Nirvana came along and changed the whole scene away from spandex, neon, and so much hair spray that a match in close proximity would've lit you ablaze. The time before flannel shirts and nothing but black that became the Goths of today. (Mind you, were I 20 years younger, I would totally have been a Goth, but that's another column altogether.)

I'm hoping that Bret and Sebastian will continue to make idiots of themselves and in the process make this column somewhat interesting. I'm also hoping that my reviews won't start making all of you regular readers run screaming into the night. My wish is that this will make us all remember the days of skipping school, racing cars, and being cool. Damn, that song actually has some real meaning now.

God I'm getting old.



Anonymous said...

I'm a hair metal also, I had my fave jean jacket with all the band patches on the back, those were the days

Draeden said...

Welcome aboard.. :) I don't know if I ever told you the story of when I won tickets to see Bon Jovi a few years ago and I watched the show from Side Stage, yes, I did in fact shake Jon's hand. It was soft. Like he had used baby powder.

Great show though.

deseee said...

You poor, poor woman... We only have to put up with his antics online... You have to do that and smell his nighttime farts... We'll pray for you...