Friday, January 21, 2011

Rob Zombie's Piggy D Wants You to Get In His Pants


Is it the sign of the economic times where rock stars are needing to sell things off on auction to pay the bills? Alice Cooper and Bret Michaels are selling their cars. But file this under why? Piggy D, the bassist for Rob Zombie, is selling his pants on Ebay. Now these aren't pants he designed as a replica to tour pants he used. This is the actual real deal. So you can slip into pants that Piggy D himself sweated,farted, and probably spilt beer all over just a few years ago. I'm sure they're washed by now but hey how's that for a visual?

Right now the current bid is 152 bucks but you still have 6 days to "win" a pair of unique memorabilia. Oh and they're women's size 3. So Piggy, you into jeggings too? Go to Ebay and get the details on this. Wierdos.

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