Friday, January 07, 2011

So.. Speaking of Sebastian


And if you actually read my last post you'd know I was.

Apparently the folks at TMZ caught him out at karaoke the other night singing his heart out. The sound quality sucks, and I'm not sure if its the video camera or his voice that's actually causing it. However, if you watch closely to the background, you can see that our dear friend Mr. Bach is singing the wrong parts of the song.

(Editor's Note* Turn the sound down a bit because it's very distorted and loud)

I'm not sure if it's his drunken state or the girl who probably wasn't even alive during his career peak hanging on his every note, but if you can't remember where you are, at least look at the screen to get back to your place.

He seems like he's having a good time, but I would wager to guess that he might be on Celebrity Rehab's 5th season should it be renewed. Granted, he is coming out of an 18 year marriage, so we might give the poor guy a little bit of credit. (Not too much though, he is still kind of a douche, as anyone who saw Super Group knows)

Better to think of him this way I think..


Draeden said...

I only kinda/sorta listened to it, he sounded pretty good..

Scott said...

It sounded terrible. He's trying to sound good by throwing in way too much vibrato. Besides, I feel like Sebastian Bach doing karaoke at a dive bar is more or less him trying to show off. It's a shame.

I love how everyone still says that he has the pipes he did 20 years ago. No. No he does not.

Rob Liz said...

Cool. Someone agrees with me. I've always thought everyone gave him much more credit then he deserved and it went to his head. Being on Broadway didn't help the ego either.

Mal said...

Sebastian, you're one step away from Celebrity Rehab, or if you're really lucky - Celebrity Apprentice.

I saw Skid Row in concert in 1989 when they were opening for (sigh) Bon Jovi. (Thanks mom?) Bach was okay live then, but I think we all know his popularity was partially driven by his pretty face. Stay tuned for Bach's bout of bad plastic surgery...