Monday, January 17, 2011

Trent Reznor Wins A Golden Globe. Say What?


I know now I'm getting old. It just seems like a few decades ago that Trent Reznor broke on the scene with this.

Or this.

We fast forward to 2011 and this is what we have.

I guess it makes sense that he's scoring films now. I mean he could be construed as an angrier version of Danny Elfman. It's just wierd seeing an infamous figure of industrial metal/rock get up there in a tux and accept an award for scoring film? Isn't it?


groverXIII said...

Yeah, but it was a pretty badass score, you gotta admit. 'twas a great listen.

Rob Liz said...

Actually I have never seen the movie or heard the score. I'm sure he did a great job it's just wierd seeing people that played such controversial music over the years be 'proper' these days:)