Monday, January 17, 2011

Vivian Campbell Is An Asshole. Dio Even Said So.


For all of those people ever wondering why there was no statement from Vivian Campbell on Ronnie James Dio's death, it was because they fucking hated each other. Pure and simple. Now we all seem to think we know Ronnie as a person based on concerts and interviews but we really don't. You want to see the dark side of Ronnie? Apparently all you had to do was bring up Vivian's name in public. Check it out.

After reading this interview with Vivian Campbell recently,I'd have to agree with Ronnie. Vivian you've been a nothing since you had your falling out with Dio so many years ago. You join high profile bands that have already established their music i.e. Whitesnake,Def Leppard, and now apparently Thin Lizzy. Yet you have the audacity to go in and talk shit like you're some guitar god that needs to be challenged and correcting people on how Thin Lizzy songs should be played. You want to be challenged? Then go back to Riverdogs and try to make that a real band. Stop swinging off other peoples nuts so much and then being a prick about it. Condolences on your parents though. Asshole.


Scott said...

lmao. Ronnie had me rollin'! However, I thought that Viv said what he said in that last paragraph of the interview in a very respectful manner.

Anonymous said...

Vivian Campbell was screwed over by Dio, as was the rest of the band. If your employer screws you over, are you going to be happy about it? People continuing to talk about this just makes me laugh. Go get a life will you...

Rob Liz said...

Really? He was screwed over by Dio? Do you have evidence of this? Please elaborate.

People continue to talk about this makes you laugh. I too find it funny you're commenting on an article from over two months ago. I moved on, why couldn't you?

I love how people don't really bother to read articles or links to refute what's being said but instead choose to just throw out blanket statements like yours. Including the get a life part. So says the person searching for this type of article when there are better things you could be doing with your own life sir.But thanks for visiting anyway.